Fabulous fun this afternoon performing for the guests at Chris and Kirsty's wedding party. This included a surprise meeting with Harry, my regular barber. He just happens to be Chris and Kirsty’s neighbour.

Tricks that seemed pretty popular or generated gasps of amazement:

Ring to wallet

Stealing the digits from someone's phone and then dropping them onto my phone and then ringing their number. See video below.

Hijacking the wifi signals with the spectator's randomly chosen card. I show that the Jack of diamonds for instance(they can choose any card) has now taken over the available wifi signals on my phone and then when they check their phone it also has taken over their wifi signals. (I had better luck with seeing the card on different spectators phones than I have had at previous gigs).

One freely selected card appearing in the window and a second chosen card appearing on the back of the card box.

Predicshuns - I'm really getting to like performing this now with cards drawn by a young lad who predicts a chosen card.

Breathing on their phone to discover what digits they have secretly keyed into their own phone.

The Tarot card reading.

The effect where the spectator; Olivia and Rebecca I think it was were asked to place red cards and black cards into two separate piles without looking.

I was told a couple of times that I should be on Britain’s got talent!

My thanks to Lisa and Roy for their pictures of me performing and to Chris who took a video of me performing.