Tracey and Nicks wedding party Allerthorpe near York.

The couple had already got married in Australia and wanted to celebrate with their friends in the UK so a much more relaxed type of wedding party than usual.

Well that was a really lovely experience for me. Everything about this event was just perfect. Loads of people had such positive comments about my magic.  I don't know how many people were there. I'd guess maybe 50 which meant that I didn't have to rush from one table to another in order to try and get round everybody - which is what I have to do at some events. The atmosphere was really relaxed. The ambience of the place was ideal for what I was doing. There was background music but it wasn't so loud that it was a strain to talk to people so I was able to take my time with groups and couples and show them effect after effect. I was super chuffed with my new time prediction effect that I've had a few issues with so I'd delayed trying it before now. Probably just as well I did as I think I now know how to perform it properly and boy did it get some great reactions, way beyond my expectations. I love it when a new effect does that. So huge FUN all round, for me too. I spent about 5 hours performing but left feeling totally relaxed and energised. 

When I left, the couple of tables of people still there gave me a spontaneous round of applause and I'm fairly confident that it wasn't because they were glad to see the back of me.