Well that was a really lovely experience for me. Everything about this event was just perfect. Loads of people had such positive comments about my magic.  I don't know how many people were there. I'd guess maybe 50 which meant that I didn't have to rush from one table to another in order to try and get round everybody - which is what I have to do at some events. The atmosphere was really relaxed. The ambience of the place was ideal for what I was doing. There was background music but it wasn't so loud that it was a strain to talk to people so I was able to take my time with groups and couples and show them effect after effect. 

I was super chuffed with my new time prediction effect that I've had a few issues with so I'd delayed trying it before now. Probably just as well I did as I think I now know how to perform it properly and boy did it get some great reactions, way beyond my expectations. I love it when a new effect does that.

So huge FUN all round, for me too. I spent about 5 hours performing but left feeling totally relaxed and energised.

 When I left, the couple of tables of people still there gave me a spontaneous round of applause and I'm fairly confident that it wasn't because they were glad to see the back of me.

“Martin joined us for our wedding party.
He wowed our guests and his magic, his tricks were amazing. The kids absolutely loved his magic, he even taught them a trick of their own!
Absolute pleasure to have him join us, and make our day special and memorable.
Would highly recommend.
Thanks very much Martin.”