The Effect

Your spectator is handed a deck of cards and is asked to deal them face up to a table, slowly, one at a time. They are asked to stop at any point. You then pick up the cardboard box which has been in sight all the time, possibly rattling it to show that there is a prediction inside and hand it to them to open. They open the box and remove the folded paper prediction and it matches the stopped at card from the deck.

What You Get

The box, a deck of cards, some slips of paper to write predictions on and a gimmick

What I Think

I really like this. I have performed this now three times, once in a cabaret show. Its worked every time and baffles people.

Performance Considerations

Its not instantly resettable. You will need to go somewhere to reset it - although it shouldn't take that long.

Repeatable? - You might get away with a repeat but you are more likely going to want a new audience each time. I suppose you could do it table hopping but retreating to a corner in between tables to reset.

Perform surrounded? Possibly - though you are more likely going to want a little distance between you and your spectators.

Lighting considerations - none to worry about.