The effect

A coin penetrates through an upturned glass and appears inside a shot glass, inside the larger glass similar to the Copentro effect that has been around for years.

What you get

You get a gimmick including the smaller shot glass. You need to source a suitable larger glass, something the size of  a small water glass works perfectly. There are some written instructions that are not the best frankly but a bit of trial and error should enable you to work out what needs doing quite easily.

What I think

I think it works well. I was pleasantly surprised at how reliably my coins dropped into the shot glass. I've experimented with a 10p, a 20p and a new shiny £1 coin and of the three coins I much prefer the £1 coin for visual effect. The coins are not so easy to load that it can be done on the fly IMHO so a reset is going to require a quick visit to a corner of the room (again in my opinion). A deck switch, before and after, might be a good idea to clean up. I guess for a stage show I could do a deck switch first after having a card chosen say, although the instructions do warn about having the gimmick in a pocket and the ease with which the effect might be triggered prematurely. So this is going to need a bit of careful thought about how to perform it.

Just for clarity, this is not a remote control effect so you are going to have to be touching the gimmick to activate the coin drop.