The Effect

A number is chosen as if from a roulette wheel. A pack of cards is produced and the spectator deals to the table face up that number of cards. The magician produces a duplicate of that card from a shirt pocket. (There are no multiple outs).

What you get

Video instructions. Use your own deck

What I Think

This plot is similar to 'The Grail' which I don't use and to X-Act which I have used a few times. The great advantage is that it uses a deck which is only slightly modified. You probably wouldn't use it for another trick having said that but its far more inspectable than the X-Act deck for example. The fact that the spectator is handling the cards themselves is very interesting and they can also examine the card box with nothing to find.

The trick is (nearly) all in the process. There is a different process for different numbers but its not too hard to remember what you need to do. The trick is to make it look casual and use time misdirection. I would certainly like to give this a try. Every time I perform X-Act I have to remind myself how it works - so I'm never 100% confident. Confidence levels with this should be higher I think.

Performance considerations

Completely angle proof.

Chances of the spectator finding anything are very slim.

Repeatable - no so would probably only do this once per gig and only in a parlour show type environment or at the end of a wedding to a small group wanting more magic.